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Aldlab’s Shanghai branch (PuriPharma) focused on providing high-quality products and services in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Our team successfully developed a number of nanopharmaceuticals and biologicals already on the market or in clinical trials,including nano-similar products (Doxil/Caelyx, Ambisome, Marqibo) and biosimilar products (growth hormone, parathyroid hormone,cholera vaccine). Entities in nanometer sizes are excellent platforms to incorporate various drugs or active materials that can be delivered effectively to the desired action site without compromising the activity of the incorporated drug or material. We have successfully established nanoliposome, nanomicelle, nanoemulsion and genetically engineered proteins and other technology platforms.Nanotechnology can not only be used to resolve the problems of low solubility, low stability and low bioavailability,but also alters the pharmacokinetics of bioactives and thus improves their safety and efficacy. Nanotechnology can be applied in novel drug formulations, functional foods and functional cosmetics, also for scientific research. For the application cases, please click here.

NanoLiposome NanoMicelle NanoEmulsion
The list below is our patents related to nanotechnology and biotechnology:
CN201110089182, CN201110089155, CN201110089185,
CN201110089191, CN101338322, CN200310108850
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