Custom Synthesis & Bulk Chemicals

Aldlab Chemicals synthesizes organic intermidiates and is able to offer for manufacturing under ISO9001 / cGMP condition for industrial companies around the world. Our headquarter at Woburn, MA USA, ensures rapid high quality customer service and production of gram scale products. Our manufacture branch at Shanghai(CN) has a strong focus on providing organic intermediates. Furthermore, a close cooperation with the production plant at Taizhou (Zhejiang, CN) takes place with the possibility of an easy technology transfer from one plant to the other. Both sites have successfully passed audits multiple times by big international healthcare / pharmaceutical companies.

What Aldlab Can Do For You

Aldlab is optimal for synthesizing the following chemicals: starting materials, metabolites, catalysis ligands, lead-like or drug-like compounds, intermediates, impurities, reference standards, building blocks & combinational libraries.


  • ● Our convenient location allows for quick delivery of gram quantity products to US-based customers in as little as 2 weeks.
  • ● Particular expertise in synthesis of aldhydes and halogenated reagents.
  • ● Custom synthesis products are backed by analytical data to suit your needs.
  • ● Products can be offered on an exclusive basis or stocked for quick reorder.
  • ● Wide range of seamless scale-up options available.

Product Quality Control

Aldlab Chemicals constantly improve our standard to maintain top quality control during production and update our techniques for product quality analysis.
All synthesis projects are led by an impressive group of Ph.D.s, who are experts in the field. Using controls throughout all synthetic processes ensures superior product quality, reliability, and consistency.
We use high-quality analytical instrumentation, such as high-field NMR and mass spec, and have decades of experience and expertise in.

Quotation Process

Aldlab are ready to supply your special requirements. Please complete the Quotation Form with as much details as possible. Aldlab will handle all information with the utmost confidentiality. A formal agreement can be arranged if you wish to have. The normal flow for quotation and production is shown below. For more information from us, please contact:

Tel: 781-305-3213 / 203-507-8975

Fax: 781-305-3851


Phase III: Payment
Price and delivery time will depend on the specific chemical structure and literature studies of known process. Aldlab honor its quoted price even if a project requires more work than anticipated. We will charge clients only after the products are successfully delivered.
Phase II: Production
One or more chemists will be designated to the project full-time. Progress of the work is communicated weekly. Samples of intermediate compounds are available on request of any stage of the synthesis.