About Aldlab

Headquartered at metro Boston, MA, USA, Aldlab is a leading manufacturer of high quality specialty organic chemicals serving pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries all over the world. More than 20 years of synthesis experience enables Aldlab to offer more than 50,000 products, as well as capacity of custom synthesis. If you cannot find a desired compound in our catalog, please send us an inquiry. In addition, Aldlab provides more than 2 million products for screening, and many products are uniquely available through us.

As a scientist, the quality of research work you do is only as good as the material you use. That’s why where you get chemical reagents is important. If the quality is not what you expert, it can impair your research, costing your considerable time and money, as well as delay. We kept excellent production records. In past several years, we have completed more than 10000 custom synthesis projects, from mg to bulk scale, with timely delivery.

Aldlab has established a manufacture site in Shanghai China for the bulk production, which has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 since 2013. Both of our R&D and manufacture sites have passed several audits from large pharmaceutical companies of Europe and USA.

Aldlab has US-based customer service. Our main office, warehouse and research center is located in Boston, MA. Our knowledgeable professional sales team (most of them are chemists from bachelor to Ph.D, they speak the same “language” as you) are ready to provide fast and professional service to our customer. Please contact us when you require:

> Compounds those are not listed in our catalog.
> A large volume of our products
> Manufacturing for your developed products using similar reaction or new synthesis routes
> Developing new methods to improve the yield

Aldlab philosophy is to enrich people’s better lives by contributing to the advancement of science. Our mission is to meet the needs of research fields in a timely manner by discovering and providing a wide variety of unique chemical reagents. Aldlab moves your science work forward.

For any concern, Please call us or send email to us.

Tel: 781-305-3213
Fax: 781-305-3851
Website: www.aldlab.com